City Recreation Centers

City recreation centers are soon going to be on the must-visit list of residents of the city and state as spring break and summer approach. It’s time to experience the Great Outdoors. OKC offers plenty of outdoor recreational destinations for individuals and families to hang out.

Enjoy the sun and the shade at Earlywine Park. This is an ideal destination for picnicking, golf, tennis, soccer and softball. There are great facilities for all these sports at the Earlywine Park. You could have a fun game or seriously sharpen your skills. Solitary activities such as jogging and walking can also be enjoyed at the park’s one-and-a-half mile trail. If plain relaxation is on your mind, you could catch a beautiful southwestern sunset, enjoy picnic with your family or play in the playground with your kids.

The Bricktown Canal offers a slice of life in the historic entertainment district. Modeled loosely after the San Antonio River Walk, you could walk through the banks of the man-made canal that runs through the city. Restaurants and shops line up along the canal, and there’s no better place to people-watch. One of the exciting things you can try is traveling through the canal on the water taxi, a unique project of Oklahoma City. It offers a great way to relax, and also connects the important destinations of the district including the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark.

Other Oklahoma City recreation centers include the Martin Park Nature Center. Hiking through the forest and meeting some animals are the activities offered. Merely strolling through the park offers great relaxation in itself. Oklahoma City’s golf courses offer you an opportunity to improve your game and also help you unwind.

These and plenty of other recreational centers in Oklahoma City offer just the break you need from the urban and the mundane. Oklahoma City hotels arrange visits to all these wonderful recreation centers.

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